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The official token built to celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo 800+ Goals

What is Ronaldo Fan Token

Ronaldofantoken is built in honor of the legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo to celebrate the history made as first footballer to reach 800+ goals!

With this token from his fans all over the world,Legendary Cristiano Ronaldo will be forever immortalized in the history of Crypto currency!


What makes Ronaldo Token different

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Listing on Pancakeswap after Sales


120.32 |+14% in 16 min

Audited Contract

Ronaldo token is audited by a reputable crypto firm


Ronaldo Token is decentralized, even the Team cannot access your funds


Fund your account and start trading on the world’s financial markets

Experienced Team

Ronaldo Token was launched by experienced team in the cryptosphere

Listing on MEXC

RFT will be listed on MEXC exchange

Ronaldo NFT marketplace

Ronaldo NFT marketplace allows users to trade Ronaldo NFTs in a decentralized manner

Ronaldo NFT marketplace will be launched on the BSC network

Experience Decentralized Finance on Ronaldo Marketplace

Trade your NFT with ease

Launched to Celebrate Ronaldo

Celebrating ronaldo's 800+ goal

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